Trio Katastrofa (SW, CL, SI)

Trio Katastrofa - Scandi-Balkan folk-punk The band consists of the Slovenian world traveling puppeteer and accordion virtuoso Matija Solce, the Swedish/Chilean multi genre fireman percussionist Stefan Hedborg on drums and Sofia Högstadius, Swedish violinist from the north who fell deeply in love with Bulgarian folk music. The members met back in 2009 when Matija studied at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Sweden, and have since then collaborated in several different bands and projects through the years. The trio has since their official start as Trio Katastrofa in 2016 toured all around Europe in festivals, clubs and living rooms and always gives their audience an unforgettable show no matter stage size. Trio Katastrofa can not really be defined by one genre as they are constantly finding new material inspired by places and meetings with people and cultures. A large focus is on the traditional music they learned during their travels, tours, courses and different kinds of creative contexts and projects in different parts of European corners. The trio has come up with their own genre they call Scandi-Balkan folk-punk which consists of both traditional music from Scandinavia and the Balkans and their own compositions, mixed with improvisation and a large portion of humor as well as breathtakingly fast improvisation and communication skills between the members - a genre in constant transformation. Matija Solce, accordion (SLO) Sofia Högstadius, violin (SWE) Stefan Hedborg, drums (CHI-SWE) Said about Trio Katastrofa “(...) Scorpions at the Moscow stadium would’ve been green with envy if they’d witnessed such a performance. What the Trio showed was a demonstration of perfect communication with the audience, as well as a demonstration of musical mastery, the joy of which can make you laugh." Michal Kaščák program director of Pohoda festival Audience "Trio Katastrofa is like a high-speed train on an unstable track, which runs in such a way that you’ll never want to get off. Fast paced Bulgarian tunes meet an acting panda bear and the occasional Swedish polska. The music contains equally warm, inviting humor, self-distance as well as bloody seriousness."


Sofia Högstadius, Matija Solce, Stefan Hedborg