New Creatives Inc. (SI, HR)

Our songs are actually stories, mostly about people, especially dead ones and those "partially" alive. Our songs are about people with addictions (mostly psychological) which help them live and ruin their lives. And then, there we come, we live to our fullest when we are on stage in front of an audience, in studio, in our rehearsal room. We are 5 truly young people (aged between 25 and 46) in love with the music (especially the one we create). It's our deepest pleasure and honour to record in a studio on expensive vintage equipment (most of the material recorded on magnetic tapes) so that youngsters could listen to it on their mobile phones, mp3 players and youtube. Our second album The Noise of Time was released just before a misterious illness occured worldwide; due to that fact we had only one promo concert and then following gigs were cancelled. Followed by some more serious (personal) turbulencies we needed almost 2 years to join our forces back. Now, it's a great oportunity for you to see and feel us live/alive again!


Krešimir Jadronja; Andrej Hočevar; Miha Koritnik; Miloš Rebula; Alen Kovše