Sandra Haluzan (HR)

Sandra Halužan Quartet Emotional musical journey to the roots of (one’s) being. In 2020 Sandra teamed up with renowned musicians from the Croatian jazz scene to form a quartet, taking up the role of the leader, singer, saxophonist, and clarinettist. Today the ensemble features Joe Kaplowitz on the keyboards, Bojan Skočilić on the double bass and Antun Profeta on the drums. The crown of their work is an album of jazz and blues renditions of traditional Croatian folk songs of Sandra’s native home, Zagorje, called Vu Plavem (In the Blue). Lending her rich mezzo voice to her ancestors, Sandra retells stories of their hardships endured as farm workers and war survivors but weaving her authentic tapestry of sounds. Singing in her native dialect, Sandra traverses time by touching on universal topics such as leaving home, love, and returning to one’s roots, closing the album with her original song on the search for the essence of being. The quartet’s skilful interplay and freedom of expression guarantee a unique combination of jazz, blues and folk elements, resulting in a captivating performance brimmed with emotion.