NOFLIPE is a band composed of seven individuals on the fringe of society. In their songs, we learn their story from the origin of the band to the discovery of the one who will become their worst enemy. At the heart of an increasingly superficial and inhuman society of appearances, the story plunges us in the gloomy atmosphere of DullTown. Then, the seven characters experience the world on their way : Doctor E, the vigilante of shade, Flush, the « scum of the society », Natch, the swindler, Rudy Tiger that nothing prevents from creating, Pew, the blind, S­Low, the « offbeat » and Tok­Toc, amnesiac in spite of himself. It’s time to enter the NOFLIPE Universe !

Pew, voice // Flush, voice // Toktoc, drums // Slow, bass // Dr E, saxophone // Natch o neil, guitar // Rudy Tiger, keyboard