Gál Orsolya (RO)

Orsolya Gal (b. Cluj, Romania) completed her education at the faculty of architecture, followed by a masters in fine arts. The experience she gained in scenography in Italy, inspired her interest in puppetry. Looking for an alternative education in this field, in 2015 she studied puppetry in Athens. She was the co-author of the project called Selfie Automaton, a work composed of 32 puppets/5 automatons, which represented Romania in the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2016. In 2017 she produced her first show „Pulcinella's Insomnia". A workshop in 2018 on the theme of traditional shadow puppetry in India, Karnataka, gave birth to her next show for adults „Short Essay on Uncertainty", which received a special prize at the Festival Incanti in Torino for image and sound design.

Gál Orsolya