Cukros Csirkecomb (HU, AT)

The female duo Cukros Csirkecomb (engl. "sugared chicken leg") is musically rooted in traditions of the Balkans and invites the audience to close the eyes and be carried away by Hungarian ballads, Bulgarian polyphony and Armenian love songs. Bori Malyi and Annabella Raiona are both singers and instrumentalists from different backgrounds who met throughout their studies of Traditional Turkish Music at Codarts in the Netherlands. Their love for creating intimate spaces through music connects them and is what makes their performances so intimate and captivating. The two versatile musicians accompany themselves on traditional instruments like the koboz, violin, baglama, bendir and lavta and with their sound open doors to different cultures and traditions. Cukros Csirkecomb's music is a celebration of tradition and innovation, as they pay homage to the rich musical heritage of the Balkans while infusing it with their own colors.

Bori Malyi, Annabella Raiona