Embark on a euphoric journey through the rich tapestry of Balkan melodies with "Balkalar," a vibrant ethno ensemble coming from Zagreb, Croatia. Founded on the pillars of freedom, love, and celebration, Balkalar reinvigorates traditional Balkan tunes with energetic arrangements, ensuring an irresistible urge to dance to the eclectic rhythms of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia. Emerging in 2016, Balkalar's genesis was inspired by double bassist and vocalist Pavle's experience at Ethno Bosnia. United by their passion for cultural melodies, high school comrades Pavle, Irma, and Marko began as a busking sensation. Their authentic sound, featuring a harmonic blend of double bass, violin, and guitar, captivated street audiences. The addition of rhythmic dynamism by percussionist Ivan solidified their instrumental lineup. Transitioning from the streets to the digital world and live venues, Balkalar's presence resonated across borders, gracing stages in numerous European countries and prestigious festivals like Balkan Trafik, Floating Castle, Goulash Disko, Seasplash Festival and MOST:Balkan. Despite the heartfelt departure of Ivan Judaš in 2023, the ensemble welcomed multi-instrumentalist virtuoso Marko Šturman, infusing fresh artistic flair. With their debut album on the horizon, Balkalar is not just a musical act but a cultural revolution, bridging generational gaps and dispelling notions of traditional Balkan music as antiquated. They stand as ambassadors, showcasing the Balkans' sonic heritage through lively, humorous, and immersive performances, committed to international collaboration, robust artistic profiles, and continuous musical innovation.

Irma Bulaja, Pavle Kladarin, Marko Šturman, Juraj Valentić


  • pet, 22.03.2024 17:30 Balkalar Ljubljana Center
  • sob, 23.03.2024 19:00 Balkalar Ljubljana Bežigrad RAZPRODANO